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Suggestions for Better Sleep

  • Establish a regular wake-up time each morning, even if the previous night’s sleep was inadequate. This schedule should be adhered to even on weekends. This will reinforce your internal sleep clock and improve sleep.
  • Set aside time in the evening for relaxation and thinking. Try to avoid taking the troubles of the day to bed. If you have a lot of things on your mind make a written list of them and what you plan to do. Diary keeping and list making are excellent stress reducing strategies and promote sleep.
  • Just prior to bedtime try to do something enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Get in bed only when you are ready to go to sleep and get out of bed in the morning when you wake up. Use the bed only for sleep and sex. Decreasing the amount of awake time in bed will reinforce the sleep schedule and getting into bed, at the appropriate time, will help trigger “sleepiness”.
  • Napping fulfills nighttime sleep requirements during the day, reducing the amount of sleep required at night and potentially disrupting the sleep/wake schedule. Get to know your own response to napping and nap only if it helps. If napping is necessary, try to limit the nap to 45 minutes at a regular time, preferably between 2 and 5 PM.
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