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Dr. Matthew Schwartz
What are the benefits to seeing a doctor in a private practice?

Doctors in private practice, and not necessarily directly affiliated with a large healthcare institution, can spend more time with clients and provide more personalized attention. We strive to make our office, from the time you make the appointment to the time you leave, as comfortable and inviting as possible.

What is a PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation) doctor or a physiatrist?

A physiatrist is a physician who diagnoses and treats mechanical problems (that cause pain, weakness, numbness, stiffness, decreased balance and coordination, and decreased stamina) with conventional and complementary medical approaches in a practical, thorough, and integrated manner. It’s a mouthful, but some of these issues aren’t as familiar to someone not specifically in this field.

How do you differ from an internist or a general practitioner?

I am a specialist/consultant who focuses on specific impairments and disabilities associated with musculoskeletal and neurological functioning of the body.  I do not engage in surveillance or management of chronic internal medical issues.

Could you be considered my primary doctor?

No. I work with clients and their primary health care team by diagnosing and treating functional problems while guiding lifestyle adjustments.

What is your approach to pain management?

I try to identify the source(s) of pain and treat it/them. I meet clients where they are, and create a partnership toward healing, and an eventual reduction in treatment, as clients become independent with self-care.

What do you consider “wellness?”

My philosophy on wellness is founded on these principals, and I work with my clients in all of these areas.

  1. Eliminating unhealthy behaviors
  2. Adequate and appropriate exercise, nutrition and sleep
  3. Stress management
  4. Social and spiritual connections
Why would I choose you as my physician?

Many clients come to me after experiencing frustration at another office. People often come when they need answers, when they want positive outcomes rapidly and cost-effectively, and when they are really looking for a partner in their healthcare. You owe it to yourself to find a physician who takes the time to assess the full you and make recommendations based on the big picture.

Why do you refer to patients as clients?

I work for my clients as a professional consultant and a partner in health. When physicians refer to their “patients,” sometimes that implies a superiority/authority on the part of the doctor, rather than a true and equal partnership. Together, a client and I will consider optional therapeutic approaches, and we arrive at mutually inviting treatment plans.  It is easier to achieve your goals when you are proactively navigating on your own behalf.

Will you accept my insurance?

Most likely, yes, but I do not participate in the Medicaid program.

Can you help ME?

Many clients have complex issues that can/will be addressed in order of priority, like peeling an onion; while no guarantees can be made, results are achieved best when clients remain actively engaged in diagnostic and treatment plans.